FS: Fulcrum IMSAI 8080 clone system

Sellam Abraham sellam at vintagetech.com
Wed Mar 23 17:28:31 CDT 2016

I'm selling this interesting off-shoot of IMSAI history.  It's a Fulcrum 
Data Systems IMSAI 8080 clone in turnkey configuration.  Fulcrum was 
started by Bruce Wright of WW Component Supply, who competed with 
Tom Fischer to buy remaining inventory at the IMSAI bankruptcy sale in the 
early 1980s.  Fulcrum was eventually sued and had to cease and desist but 
not before a few of these systems were sold.

Photos and more information are located here:


It powers up but I haven't tested the logic.  The bus power is fused and 
I don't have the fuse caps right now.  I can probably round some up with a 
little scrounging.  Otherwise I tested all the voltages coming off of the 
power supply and they are good.

I'm asking $1,200 for the complete system (CPU + dual drive unit) but I'm 
willing to entertain offers.

Please inquire directly via private e-mail.  You might also want to check 
out the other stuff I have for sale by starting here:




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