Looking for I/O specs HP 9000/236 - 9836CU

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 08:08:10 CDT 2016

> I just acquired one of the guys w/o a display
> Looking for the spec's of the display connector.
> I have what I believe to be the pinout but nothing on timing, scan rates,
> levels etc.

If it is a CU -- that is it has a colour video board set in it -- then it is a bit 
strange. There are a pair of TTL level syncs, I can't remember the frequencies
but something tells me it's close to TV. It's also easy to measure with a frequency

The 3 colour signals are analogue current sinks on the machine, not voltage 
level outputs. No normal monitor will connect directly. You need a bit of analogue
electronics to sort it out. 

> Other identification on the thing is
> "1 MB Board internal set as 1st Card"

This may mean somebody has fitted a 1M RAM card into
the normally unused internal slot and that it is set for the top of memory 
(which would be logical).

You need to take off the cover (the 4 largest screws on the bottom, behind
the keyboard area) and see just what is in there.

> Upgraded to 9836CU

Probably the CPU board was replaced by the 68010/MMU one.


May mean it doesn't have the battery backup option (I've never seen it)
and that there is some other fault too...


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