Andy Grove passed away last night

Curious Marc curiousmarc3 at
Mon Mar 21 22:40:43 CDT 2016

>From the CHM:

"Dear all,

The museum is remembering Andy S. Grove, who passed away last night. Please read David C. Brock’s timely blog post this evening,

Kirsten Tashev

Vice-President, Collections & Exhibitions

Computer History Museum"

I met him during my time at Intel, he attended a couple important meetings (acquisitions discussions, company wide technical strategic planning meetings, quarterly meetings). But already in not so good health and not saying much. We sure listened when he spoke up. I remember in particular once when Intel had a really bad quarter because we raised the price of Flash, after misjudging worldwide inventory. We consequently lost a large part of the market to Samsung – which probably never returned. Most CEOs would have fired the VP, but instead he took the mike and congratulated him for having had the guts to raise prices. We all applauded, but I distinctly remember I wasn't quite sure why... Bless his soul, he brought a company back from the brink of extinction selling RAM at negative margins, to industry dominance in microprocessors with 65% gross margins. That is excessively difficult to do. 


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