Anyone want some Polymorphic 88 manuals and disks?

dwight dkelvey at
Tue Mar 22 11:33:27 CDT 2016

Hi Ben
 I have the manual but would be interested in the disk.
Do you know if they are hard or soft sectored?
I suspect they are hard sectored as that was the most common.
There soft sectored was not industry standard and took a special
controller to read.
What are you looking for?

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Subject: Anyone want some Polymorphic 88 manuals and disks?

I had a Poly 8813, and just found that I still have the System 88 User's
Manual, including the Macro 88 manual, schematics, and 16K RAM

I also have some disks that came with the system, though their status is
unknown. I believe many of them were just blank, but there is some system
software and a general ledger program disk.

Anyone want these? The manuals seem to be readily available online already.

Ben Sinclair
ben at

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