Resistor/Fuse replacement (DEC H7104-D)

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Mon Mar 21 21:34:36 CDT 2016

Maybe a real fuse in series with a real resistor.

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I don't quite get what makes this DigiKey part suitable for the role of a
fused resistor. I do see that it has specs for 'fusing behavior' but that
aside, I don't see that this series is marketed / sold as a "fusible

One reason I question it, is the fact that the fusing ratings are only
plotted for like 40X or 50X expected current. Can the circuit under
protection be relied upon to produce those levels of current, even under
hard-fault conditions?

Always trying to learn..

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> On 18/03/2016 02:11, "Josh Dersch" <derschjo at> wrote:
> >> Onecall are education-only suppliers but the same part numbers work with
> >> Farnell/Element14. Part# is 1692450.
> >>
> >
> > Thanks!  Yes, that looks very similar except mine has a tolerance rating
> > of 10%.  Vincent helpfully pointed me at:
> >
> >
> > 1272-1-ND/4215463
> >
> > which look like they should do the job, and I ordered a handful just in
> > case I ever need a few more.
> Good news - mine worked so fingers crossed for yours too. I now have a
> functioning PSU again though I've not tried it back in the chassis yet...
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