PDP-8/a parts, 8 inch CDC floppy drives, 5.25 inch FH Tandon drives, TI SilentWriter, DECprinter I, LA30

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 12:12:17 CDT 2016

I saw that there were a post on PDP-8/a systems (and parts).

I have a few 8A100 chassis. These are H9300 with a G8016 regulator board.
No CPU, no memory, no frontpanels. Just the H9300 chassis including the 10
slot backplane, the 50Hz transformer assembly and the G8016 MOS memory

BTW. The backup batteries are probably not in good shape any longer.
Nothing is tested so capacitors etc might need checking.

There are also some G8018 regulators, 50 Hz transformers for
8A400/8A600/8A800 boxes, 50 Hz transformers for 8A420/8A620/8A820 boxes
(these are really very heavy).

Then there are two CDC / IMI floppy drives. BR8A5D. Single sided. 8 inch.

They are in the original box. Not sure if these are new or not. They look
fine. But haven't tested them. I might be able to test if there are

Then two Tandon TM100-3 Single sided 80 tracks  / 96 TPI drives. Tested

We have one too many of TI SlientWriters. I have no picture of it
currently. But is som 7XX model I think. Printing on thermo paper. Interest?

We have a few DECprinter I aka LA180. A manual can be included as well...

And since we got one LA30 working just fine, we don't need another one.
There is one DECwriter / LA30 available. It is complete but will probably
need care and attention to get working.

Everything is located in Sweden so shipping can be rather expensive for
heavier items.

Trade for something interesting...


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