Baydel Unibus disk systems

Christian Corti cc at
Sat Mar 19 03:41:20 CDT 2016

On Fri, 18 Mar 2016, Mike Ross wrote:
> I just have the controller board; I don't have any of the hard drives
> left. All I remember is the disk was an 8" and the interface is a
> single 40-pin cable; so not SMD and not SCSI. Far too early for IDE or
> ATA. Any suggestions for what the interface might have been and what
> disks might have been used? What hard disks were around in late 70s /
> early 80s that used a single 40-pin connector??

My guess is that it's not a controller board but just the interface to the 
controller found in the external enclosure, probably with the hard drive. 
The interface would implement things like NPR and BR and the like, so 
there wouldn't be enough board space to implement a complete hard drive 
controller, especially if the board dates from that era. IMO it's 
something like a RX211 board for hard drives.


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