Resistor/Fuse replacement (DEC H7104-D)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Mar 17 21:11:23 CDT 2016

On 3/17/16 5:44 PM, Adrian Graham wrote:
> On 17/03/2016 22:46, "Vincent Slyngstad" <v.slyngstad at> wrote:
>> From: Josh Dersch: Thursday, March 17, 2016 3:34 PM
>>> It's listed in the print set as a 1 Ohm, 2 Watt resistor, with a "FUSE"
>>> designation.  I'm not entirely sure what I should be searching for for a
>>> replacement; clearly the "fuse" part of the designation is important but
>>> I'm not sure what a modern equivalent is.  I've browsed around Mouser
>>> for awhile and I'm not seeing anything obvious.  I'm sure this is
>>> obvious to anyone with experience -- can you point me in the right
>>> direction?
>> There was a recent discussion here about a similar component in
>> a VT100 supply.  I think a suitable replacement was eventually found
>> at Farnell/Newark.
> Yep, that was me looking for the same part. Does yours look like this?
> According to Onecall Farnell 'a blue band at position 5 indicates 20%
> tolerance' which would make it a tolerance multiplier of 2.
> However the only ones they sell are 5% tolerance, ie brown-black-gold-gold
> not brown-black-gold-silver + blue, but the technical chap I spoke to seemed
> certain these would be ok. I bought 5 just in case.
> Onecall are education-only suppliers but the same part numbers work with
> Farnell/Element14. Part# is 1692450.

Thanks!  Yes, that looks very similar except mine has a tolerance rating 
of 10%.  Vincent helpfully pointed me at:

which look like they should do the job, and I ordered a handful just in 
case I ever need a few more.

Thanks again,

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