PDP-11/05-NC with M9301?

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11/70:  M9301-YC -- E-F Slot #1.  It's specially wired like everything else in Slot #1 through Slot #39.  SPC doesn't start until Slot #40.  M9302 goes in Row A-B Slot #44.

KW11 (clock) goes adjacent in Row D Slot #1.

Row C Slot #1 is empty.

Rows A-B Slot #1 take the FP & CP maintenance modules, if in use.

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What still would be interesting to know is in what slot the M9301 or M9312 goes into a PDP-11/70. My guess is the last unibus slot on the bus with the jumpers installed. Much like the M9313 terminator and unibus exerciser which is in the last slot of the  11/750 unibus.


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