PDP-11/05-NC with M9301?

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 08:01:18 CDT 2016

> >
> I am not 1/2 as knowledgeable as others here, but what comes to mind is
> "backplane change",

You mean that I have to do modifications to the backplane. No, that is not
what I want...

> I think you'd leave the M930 where it is and on the 2nd
> backplane segment install the M9301.  If you don't have a 2nd plane I'd say
> you may not be able to use this.  Just my GUESS, but I am interested to
> learn the correct answer.

The PDP-11/05S I got had a M9301 in it when it arrived and it was installed
in a M930 slot (slot 3 AB). So that might be an indication that it could
work. But that is a different backplane.

If one read notes in the PDP-11/04 printset it says: Do not insert a M930
or M9302 in a MUD slot. Only in the Unibus slots or you will have short
circuit. On the other hand it does not say that the M9301 (or M9312) cannot
be installed in a unibus slot. It recommends that those boards go into MUD
slots. But electrically I cannot see that it shouldn't work. Especially if
you jumper W1 - W5.

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