Fw: Trashed PDP-11/70 system for sell in Pittsburgh

steven stengel tosteve at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 22:21:18 CDT 2016

See below:::

>> On Feb 23, 2016, at 5:24 PM, Christopher Eddy <ceddy at nb.net> wrote:
>> I have an 11/70 that I want to find a new home for..
>> 11/70 CPU chassis, with CPU rack and cards in place. The CPU control panel is damaged.. all of the toggle caps and switches have been smashed. No paper or tape drives.
>> 11/70 memory chassis, with rack and cards in place.
>> Also, I have a separate 11/70 rack, with no cards, but with a control panel attached. Many WW pins are bent. The caps and switches are again very damaged.
>> I have not powered it, and don't think that I should. I am partway through a couple of projects to restore it, mainly a project to replace the power supplies with PC style supplies, and another project to replace the switch panel with a touch panel + USB that would allow the unit to operate without the switches. I did not complete either project.
>> As it is an incomplete system, or at least the CPU/memory is there, but not complete enough to operate, I was planning to augment it with these projects in order to operate it as is.
>> The ribbon cables that join CPU to memory were just cut in two.
>> Someone was very rough with it.
>> I would like to sell it to someone that wants to proceed with the restoration of it.. but have no idea where to begin.
>> I am in Pittsburgh.
>> Thanks!
>> Chris~
>> 412-369-9920
>> 412-916-7664


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