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Sellam Abraham sellam at
Tue Mar 15 16:42:54 CDT 2016

I am raising capital for a forthcoming venture dealing with vintage 
computers and thus am putting the following systems up for sale.  Please 
visit the URL for photos and information (located in the Information 
file, if applicable) for each system.  All prices are negotiable.


System 1:
Asking $900

System 2:
Asking $450

System 3: 
Asking $300

Heathkit H11
Asking $750

Asking $250

Friden 132
Asking $1,500

ATR8000 (Atari 800 Z80 coprocessor box for running CP/M)
Asking $500

Digital Microsystems CP/M computer
Asking $350

Integrated Computer Systems Microprocessor Training Lab
Asking $400

SWTPC 6800
Asking $950

Teleram 3000
Asking $650

Fulcrum Computer Products IMSAI 8080 clone
Asking $1,200

MITS Modem boardset
Asking $250

Polymorphic Systems POLY-88
Asking $1,250

Wang 380K Programmable Calculator with 362E terminal
Asking $1,100

Please also see additional systems for sale (including a pair of IBM 3420 
tape drives with 3803 controller) in the photos here:

Please inquiry directly for more information.



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