A gold mine for anybody in Austin...

js at cimmeri.com js at cimmeri.com
Sun Mar 13 18:27:45 CDT 2016

Chances are, you'll waste a lot of your time dealing with nothing but trepidation, and get nowhere with what is probably NOT a gold mine.. but a hoarder junk mine.  Seriously, who writes meandering, confused ads like that, that don't even state what they have and prices?

You'll very often see ads out there that stipulate, "Serious Buyers Only."    It's also well to heed that it should just as much be, "Serious Sellers Only."

- J.

On 3/13/2016 6:04 PM, James Vess wrote:
> Good call!
> He responded to me and I could hear his trepidation, so this is spot on.
> I let him know it would be going to folks who would be taking care of them
> or they'd be in storage at my place.
> So, we'll see if he'll let them go and if not that's cool.
> I completely understand as I did something similar with a G4 cube years ago
> on CL, I felt bad but I just couldn't let it go because the only guy that
> hit me up was going to do an ATX mod on it.
> He said he'd get me some photos, lets will see what happens!
> On Sunday, March 13, 2016, Eric Christopherson<echristopherson at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I contacted a guy who goes by Obsolete Geek on YouTube and Facebook. He's
>> in Texas (DFW I think) and does haul videos. He says that same guy is
>> always posting on Craigslist but is never willing to actually sell. Just
>> FWIW.

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