PDP-11/23 Troubles Again

Ben Sinclair ben at bensinclair.com
Sun Mar 13 16:50:24 CDT 2016

In the previous episode, I was trying to get my M8013 and M8014 RL02
controller pair to pass the diskless controller test, and discovered it had
some sort of stuck bit. Repairing that seemed a little out of my scope, so
I recently found an M8061, and I tried to give it another go today.

However, my system has decided to be flakey again after not running for a
couple months. I removed the '13 and '14 and started up the memory and CPU
diagnostics just to make sure I was in a good starting position. The memory
passes just fine, but the JKDBD0 test no longer starts, and turns off the
run light.

Previously that was because of bad memory, (and it doesn't run at all with
too little memory), but using two tested good M8044's got everything

I reseated everything, and am running with the M8186, two M8044s, M8043,
and the M8012, which was my previous good configuration. The power test
points on the M8012 are good.

I only have two (good, at least before) M8044s for memory, so I don't have
anything handy to swap in.

I think this particular machine just hates me, but assuming it doesn't,
does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks!

Ben Sinclair
ben at bensinclair.com

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