Why the National Archives needs punch-card readers (Fwd by SMECC)

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Sun Mar 13 14:58:05 CDT 2016

Scruffy Millennials covet old record players because they dig the format; 
the  National Archives and Records Administration keeps old file players 
around  because legacy digital data demand them.  
"I am preserving every file format that has ever existed on the web, or 
that  any of you have ever used in your work on a daily basis," said Leslie 
Johnston,  NARA's director of digital preservation, who spoke at a March 10 
FedScoop event.  "In one transfer from one agency, we received not only their 
email, their Word  documents, their PDFs, their PowerPoints -- we actually 
received the entire  contents of their hard drives." 

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Ed Sharpe archivist   for SMECC  

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