Introduction and Alpha Micro AM-1200 query

Jay West jwest at
Sun Mar 13 11:04:36 CDT 2016


Welcome aboard, glad to have you here.

Additional datapoints for you - In a previous life I owned a Pick-based consulting firm. Our focus was on our in-house written software packages but we always sold pick-based hardware as well. Over many years of operation as the personal relationships and technologies changed we would have some "preferred platform" but generally maintained dealership status for the others. Long story short, we sold a lot of pick or MV based systems and alpha micro was one of them for a good while.

What I recall during the days of being an alpha micro dealer was that the AM machines of the day could be ordered as Pick machines or AMOS machines. I believe that the system itself was identical, but each OS wanted certain options/configurations. As one example, I think pick got a certain make/model of multiport board whereas amos got a different one (or maybe the same one but just jumpered as AMOS would expect it).

I do not know if the am-1200 you mention was during this time period. I do remember the machines we got were beige, desktop formfactor, and roughly the size of a typical PC of the time.



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