DEC RK05 Emergency Retract Batteries

Rick Bensene rickb at
Sun Mar 13 10:41:35 CDT 2016

Michael Thompson wrote:
> The NiCad batteries for emergency head retract are toast. These look like
> standard 1.2V 2/3AA 400mAh cells. It looks like some cordless phones use the
> same batteries so I can buy an assembled 4.8V battery pack.
> Any other suggestions for replacement batteries for the RK05?

I've used those 4.8V rechargeable battery packs for cordless phones as the emergency retract batteries in a few RK05 drives, and they seem to work just fine.     Just make sure you get a NiCd pack rather than NiMH as there are charging differences and I'm not sure if NiMH batteries would be happy in the charging circuit of an RK05 (but, who knows, they may work, I just haven't tried it).

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