VMS/RSTS/RSX manuals available, SOC, DECdirect books, Newmarket UK

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Sat Mar 12 07:35:36 CST 2016

 >Adrian Graham wrote:

>>On 11/03/2016 17:54, "Paul Koning" <paulkoning at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>They're in a sales office and I forgot about them when you visited otherwise
>>>you could've taken them. I'm guessing at the versions but it'll probably be
>>>VMS 5.5 and RSTS4 but I can check on Monday.
>>RSTS V4 (from 1973) is from the white binder era.  Then came blue, then gray,
>>then "chinese red" if I remember the order correctly.  Maybe the last two are
>>swapped.  So gray would suggest a fairly late version, perhaps V8 or so.
>>Still definitely interesting and potentially worth scanning; bitsavers only
>>has a few versions and the differences can be significant.
>OK, they're definitely grey and the RSX ones are Orange. When I'm out and
>about later today I need to drive past work so I'll call in and
Just to add to the color choices that DEC made, as far as I can remember,
for RT-11 the manuals were blue at one point, then orange and finally grey.

In addition, the size of each binder used to vary quite a bit and there were
relatively few binders, although the total size of the material tended 
to remain
the same.  But at the very last when the grey manuals arrived with V05.05 of
RT-11, the size of all binders was the same and the various manuals were
redistributed when that was needed so that big binders were broken up.
In the case of a very large single manual in a very large binder, the manual
was also split into two and two binders.

Finally, the TECO manual was omitted entirely after about V05.03 of RT-11.
I can't remember when.

Jerome Fine

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