Any word on the Multics revival front?

Sat Mar 12 01:45:30 CST 2016

I have front panels  for  Honeywell huge  black and  white   with tons of  
tiny switches and leds.
kind of like   these
some have more white areas   is from a   6000?  dps8? 8000?
I know   some of the large Honeywell machines  were   used for MULTICS  but 
trying to  figure what panels which  machines  it was  run on as an op sys. 
Guess I should know  more as   my computer business  was  2 miles  away 
from the plant these were made in  in phx but  I was too busy working on and  
selling HP stuff..
I have  tried to  find a site that  had a definitive group  of the panels 
on it to use as an ID tool. Oddly  it  seems  we  have 2 of  each type and as 
I remember  there are  4 or 5 large  ones to a set? ( plus  some small 
Drop me a  note! any  help appreciated  Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ 
(  . 

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> On 3/11/2016 8:51 PM, Zane Healy  wrote:
>> On Mar 11, 2016, at 6:22 AM, Kevin Monceaux  <Kevin at> 
>>> OI hadn't  checked on Multics progress in quite a while.  Yesterday  I
>>> discovered that the DPS-8/M emulator  at:
>>> is far  enough along to boot Multics.  I thought some folks on this  
>>> might be interested in it.
>>  What I’d like to know is if any copies of GCOS-8 exist in the  wild.
>> That’s what I’d personally really like to boot on the  emulator.  I 
used to
>> be able configure all the IOP’s, IOM’s,  CPU’s, etc. from memory, power 
>> up, and boot  GCOS-8.
>> Zane
> The problem with GCOS  is that there isn't a history I know of that it was
> anything but  Honeywells property.  A lot of negotiation and persistence 
> the  part of many folks went to getting it to where the Multics code could
>  be released.  And it was lucky to be saved @ MIT and the CHM with
>  donations.
> I don't know of anyone with GCOS when it has been  mentioned over the
> history of the discussions about this  hardware.
> Many thanks to Harry and Charles for writing the  emulator, and to the
> others reviving the system.
> I  plan to have a 6180 panel at VCF West and an original 645 board from  
> first Multics system for show and tell.
>  thanks
> Jim
> I was tentatively planning to be at VCF  West with a Multics emulation, 
as much real hardware as I can chase  down (I/O selectric OPCON, maybe a
tape drive, a line printer,  ?)

Maybe we can hook up a beaglebone to your 6180 panel?

--  Charles

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