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> A system I have always wanted (spent much of my career working on) has
> finally been acquired.
> A Prime (Pr1me) model 2250 aka "rabbit". The cpu chassis is in the
> foreground. I do have the bezels (they were removed for shipping). In
> the background you can see the rebadged cipher F880 in the same type
> of rack that will sit next to it.
> I'm told it has two 158mb priams, an ics1, and either 1mb or 2mb ram.
> Will post more pics when I get around to opening it up.

Congratulations/terrific, Jay!!!

Prime was a fun/useful system - Wells Fargo (WF) used them to do
quantitative analysis "in the day". I ran the quant group at Fidelity
and we used an 11/70 for our quant (market models, bond arbitrage,
etc.). We had an ongoing working relationship with WF.


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