Any word on the Multics revival front?

jwsmobile jws at
Fri Mar 11 23:02:11 CST 2016

On 3/11/2016 8:51 PM, Zane Healy wrote:
>> On Mar 11, 2016, at 6:22 AM, Kevin Monceaux <Kevin at> wrote:
>> OI hadn't checked on Multics progress in quite a while.  Yesterday I
>> discovered that the DPS-8/M emulator at:
>> is far enough along to boot Multics.  I thought some folks on this list
>> might be interested in it.
> What I’d like to know is if any copies of GCOS-8 exist in the wild.  That’s what I’d personally really like to boot on the emulator.  I used to be able configure all the IOP’s, IOM’s, CPU’s, etc. from memory, power them up, and boot GCOS-8.
> Zane
The problem with GCOS is that there isn't a history I know of that it 
was anything but Honeywells property.  A lot of negotiation and 
persistence on the part of many folks went to getting it to where the 
Multics code could be released.  And it was lucky to be saved @ MIT and 
the CHM with  donations.

I don't know of anyone with GCOS when it has been mentioned over the 
history of the discussions about this hardware.

Many thanks to Harry and Charles for writing the emulator, and to the 
others reviving the system.

I plan to have a 6180 panel at VCF West and an original 645 board from 
the first Multics system for show and tell.


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