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From: David Griffith
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On Thu, 10 Mar 2016, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> Exactly *where* are you trying to run this program?  On a kn10-kl (the
>> extended KL-10 CPU defined by klh10), on a SimH KS-10, or on a real CPU
>> (KL, KS, or Toad)?

> It's a kn10-kl.  I'm using the Panda distribution as downloaded from 

It's been so long since I ran that that I had to reload it on my Linux
box.  (I've been using klh10 for Tops-10 development for years now.)

I booted MRC's Panda disk image, cut&pasted the program into a file on
the disk (COPY TTY: HACK.MAC<ret> <paste> ^Z) then DEBUG HACK and stepped
through past the first LITES%.  There was no complaint about the CIRC.

Capture a complete log and mail it to me.  I'll see if I can see what's
stepping on you.


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