Panels Update - Relese Notes 8/e (A and B)

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Mar 11 16:45:20 CST 2016

*_Relese Notes 8/e (A and B)


_*1. The keylock hole has been pre drilled  to make sure the art work 
lines up

1.1  This hole has not been beveled inside as the method of doing it has
       only just been devised and missed the panel run.
       However the fix is not difficult. A fine grit conical grinding 
wheel does the job with no damage to the panel.

2. The switch spindle hole has not been predrilled due to the following 

     2.1  DEC did an ECO to replace the selector switch.

             Instead of  six positions  starting at 12 o'clock and steps 
of 36deg
             anticlockwise going  to  6 o'clock. (A type panel) They 
used a switch that started at 15deg
             anti clockwise from top centre (12 o'clock)  and that goes 
in 30deg steps finishing 15deg short
             of bottom centre (6 o'clock ).
             Now the hole position no longer lies on the vertical line 
between top centre and bottom centre.
             Its offset to the right due to the crossing position having 
moved due to the change of angle.

             They then did something strange. They redrew the top and 
bottom lines between the 15deg position
             and what would have been the circle crossing point of the 
original descending vertical line. That made it worse. In the end they 
just drilled the hole very oversize and hid the line under the skirt of 
the knob.

             I only have a key and lamp board for an A type panel so I 
can't tell if when they changed to the new
             switch they moved it to the right to take care of the 
change of angle.

             So for  B type I chose to draw the lines at the correct 
             A switch spindle located at the intersection of the lines 
would then move through the correct angles

              You can now  drill the hole  to suit your spindle position
Rod Smallwood

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