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Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 11 13:44:25 CST 2016

On 11/03/16 17:54, Paul Koning wrote:
> RSTS V4 (from 1973) is from the white binder era. Then came blue, then 
> gray, then "chinese red" if I remember the order correctly. Maybe the 
> last two are swapped. So gray would suggest a fairly late version, 
> perhaps V8 or so. Still definitely interesting and potentially worth 
> scanning; bitsavers only has a few versions and the differences can be 
> significant. paul 

In VMS-land "Chinese Red" was V4 and whatever-grey-was-called was V5. V3 
was (iirc) a blue of some sort.
I assume that RSTS would have been in the same chronological order.


Antonio Carlini
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