SimH & Panels: new BlinkenBone release

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at
Fri Mar 11 02:29:58 CST 2016


the BlinkenBone project made much progress last months.
("BlinkenBone" is this "connect physical and simulated panels to SimH" 

New features:

- a PDP-8/I front panel Java simulation.
   The PDP-8/I SimH extension needs validation against a physical machine.

- Oscar Vermeulen's PiDP8 can be connected as panel.

- most Java panels can now be 2400 pixels width (monitors keep growing)

- Repackaging:
   Precompiled distributions at
   There are distributions for Win32, Ubuntu 32/64, and RaspberryPi 
   A single distribution contains now all simulations (PDP-11/40, 11/70, 
PDP-10 KI10 and PDP-8/I).

- Ported from SimH 3.8 to v4.x. I'm back!

- Sources on GitHub at

Since the BlinkenBone projects expands beyond expectation, the web doc 
is completely reordered (== trashed?)
Not all content is stable yet and links will float, rely on at the moment.
There's also the shortcut .

As always, error feedback is welcome!

have fun,

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