Which RT-11 for an 11/03

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Thu Mar 10 20:36:10 CST 2016

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>If memory serves, what you have is part 1 of the boot (1 sector, block 0), part 2 (2 sectors, block 2), then something is looking through the directory (sectors 6 and up) and then the read from block 134 is presumably a file being read (perhaps a program) and the stuff at 85 and 86 is ???
>It might be informative to dump the directory from the tape and analyze it to see what files those later reads refer to.
>	Paul

Paul — the image is from the SIMH RT-11 V4.00 software set. There’s something like 150 files on the disk.


John — the SLUs are at what I think are the standard addresses and vectors (per the Heathkit and DLV11-J manuals) and the ODT and TU58EM work. I don’t know what RT-11 is looking for but the console @ 177560/60 and TU58 @ 176500/300 (Channel 3 and Channel 0 in DLV11-J parlance). 

I have not tried booting SIMH with the TU58 image (not sure how to do that; need to work on it). 

Regarding getting a real RX01 or RL02, the issue for me is space. It’s pretty convenient using a laptop and TU58EM (providing I can get something other than XXDPD2D to work). If someone has already built bootable TU58 RT-11 images, I haven’t found them yet.


Rich Cini

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