Which RT-11 for an 11/03

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Thanks Gary. This is my understanding as well since everything works with XXDP right from DEC and I'm not using the H-27. So, I remain optimistic that I can get this working. 


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> On Mar 10, 2016, at 5:46 PM, Gary L. Messick <Gary at realtimecomp.com> wrote:
> There is no difference in the LSI-11 board on an H-11 and a pdp-11/03.  What DEC did do was cripple Heath's version of RT-11 (called HT-11).  It would only work with Heath's H-27 floppy drive unit.  The Heath serial, parallel, and memory cards were all compatible with DEC's offerings, AFAIK.
> That being said, I personally don't have experience with true RT-11 on the H-11.
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> If I have time tonight I'll log the session with "verbose" set on the TU58EM. Again, I'm trying the trick of booting from a TU58 emulator and an RK image with DD as the boot target (supposedly can work but maybe slow). I can see the blocks being read in but it stops and doesn't give me the sign-on banner.
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