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> On Tue, 8 Mar 2016, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> From: David Griffith
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>>> Specifically I'm trying to build and run this:

>>>          CIRC 2,-^D18

>> Where did this code come from?

> I got it from Jan deRie when I asked about it on a Youtube video[1] 
> showing the Panda Display in action.

Something just occurred to me.

Exactly *where* are you trying to run this program?  On a kn10-kl (the
extended KL-10 CPU defined by klh10), on a SimH KS-10, or on a real CPU
(KL, KS, or Toad)?

I just had a look at the klh10 sources and find that Ken Harrenstien
added the CIRC instruction to his KL emulation as well as his KS
emulation in 2002.  If you're running any klh10-based emulation, that
instruction ought to work.  It would only work on MIT-specific real


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