Sequoia Computer Systems?

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Mar 9 20:06:39 CST 2016

On 3/9/2016 3:08 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Anyone have any pictures, datasheets, or other ephemera related to Sequoia
> Systems line of fault tolerant systems?
I recall them and am looking for info about them.  I'll post on the FB 
Pick group as I know there are several developers who did the 

I am trying to find out the system hardware they ran as a base to the 
system.  I think a provider I am using may still use that hardware, but 
I could be wrong.

Was the base system (Unix type) IRIX on there?  The systems @ Software 
Tool and Die run that OS, and I'm not sure if they are Sequoia.  Perhaps 
Sequel.  Foggy memory, and nothing shows up in a quick search to settle it.

FWIW uname -a shows up
IRIX64 shell01 6.5 07201611 IP27


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