Dumping Images of my VAX-11/730's Drives?

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 9 11:48:48 CST 2016

On 08/03/16 23:21, Peter Coghlan wrote:
>> Savesets produced using VMS BACKUP are the ideal way to archive your VMS system.
>> They will save everything you need in a format which can be restored onto any
>> disk big enough to hold the data, selectively if necessary, while dealing with
>> any errors on the input or output media.  BACKUP can be run standalone or under
>> VMS.
Ideally you would use standalone backup. With most systems you would 
backup to tape or to another disk.
Or you would boot into a cluster (i.e. boot off something other than 
your system disk) and backup that

I doubt that either of those is viable on a VAX-11/730. You can't easily 
hook up a second disk and
I'm almost certain that a network boot is not possible. I don't think 
that you could connect a VAX-11/730 to
a CI-cluster, and even if you could, you are not likely to have the kit 

If you have a tape drive, you could use standalone backup to backup to 
tape and then shift that to another
system (or SIMH) and preserve the saveset that way.

I remember having the same issue as a system manager on a VAX-11/750. 
There was no network boot, so the
only option was to use SABKP and a spare disk.


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