Tweaked card cage

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Mar 9 02:15:22 CST 2016

I've got a PDP8/A chassis which has a card cage that has been tweaked 
off in the front just a hair.  Enough that you can't get the cards in by 
an interference amount of clearance.

Anyone have any idea on how they handled this?  I'm thinking of using 
some blocking and then a 36 or 48" pipe clamp to apply diagonal 
persuasion to get it back in true.

The rear of the box is not impacted.

In the body shop trade this is called "diamond" and usually gets your 
car totaled if your frame has that damage term applied to the chassis.

I don't see any other damage other than this, no chip damage or cracking 
to the back plane, which is of course brittle.  The rear dimension of 
the chassis is good, and I can't see what caused this. Could have been a 
drop, or could have been under too many layers of crap and was tweaked.

Other clever ways to apply very gentle but forceful pressure to true up 
the cabinet is appreciated.  Also how much to go past square to account 
for the "spring" back of the steel once the force is removed would be 
nice too.


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