Imaging RX02 disks for simh (was: Re: MU-BASIC V2 and RT-11 V03B distribution disks.)

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Sun Mar 6 15:12:47 CST 2016

 >Brian Walenz wrote:

>How the heck do you copy an RX02 disk for use in simh?
>I've been trying to transfer RX02 images between simh and a real PDP11
>(that has only two RX02's, console, and ethernet).  So far, I've only
>attempted sending an RX02 image from the PDP to simh, but simh fails to
>read it: "?DIR-F-Invalid directory".  Even after adding 13*512 bytes to the
>start for the missing track, I still get invalid directory.
>My process is to COPY/DEVICE/FILES DY1:/START:0/END:330 DY0:BLOCK1.DAT,
>then FTP that off the PDP, delete the file, and do the remaining two thirds
>of the disk.  Once all are transferred, "cat *DAT > floppy.dsk".
>I can transfer RX50 images using the same recipe, though I haven't tried
>sending an RX50 image created on simh back to the PDP.
>For what it's worth, I'm having the same problem with Alan Baldwin's TCP/IP
>disk images from  simh can't read the
>individual DSK images, but could read the *.PKG with the disks inside, and
>from that, I could (RT-11) MOUNT each disk to a logical device.
>>On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:50 AM, Mattis Lind <mattislind at> wrote:
>>I found some 8 inch floppies with distribution kits for MU-BASIC V2 and
>>RT-11 V03B. I imaged those and put them here
>>if anyone is interested in playing with MU-BASIC. There are both RAW disk
>>images and to be used in SimH and like and also DMK/IMD files.
>>The system that floppies came with is this little (
>>system once used at Scania in Södertälje.

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