R: Big-Board II & Micro Cornucopia User Group Disks

Enrico Lazzerini cctech at vintagesbc.it
Sat Mar 5 09:51:31 CST 2016

Ciao at all, i'm from Italy. 
I'm not much present cause other interests.

Anyway on my website www.vintagesbc.it you can find info on Ferguson
Bigboards I and II. 
Exactly my Ferguson Bigboards I is more properly a clone of the original one
that I bought from a little LTD in Italy on 1983.
Instead my Ferguson Bigboards II is that i bought some years ago from
Germany. This last has a VAR Bios from Twente Digita installed instead of
the original BIOS so its OS is a ZCPR system. 
I saved via IMD images all dischettes included boot dischettes

Here on FBB1

Here on FBII

I also have many issues of microcornucpia magazine and all them digital
scanned ones. 

I'm look instead for all possible Ferguson user's dischette 

So let me know if you need help


Enrico Lazzerini - PISA (ITALY)

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