Pdp-10 emulation

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Thu Mar 3 15:24:06 CST 2016

Noel wrote
> Actually, as an operating system, ITS is far more interesting (virtual
> devices, etc)

Yeah, ITS isn't user (spelled LUSER) friendly, but it sure is neat!
In the past week I was just wondering if anyone has ever written an
"MLDEV" handler for a non-ITS system.

"MLDEV" was the virtual device that made other ITS systems look like
devices (AI: MC: ML: DM:). When a device isn't recognized, ITS
launches a new process (job) connected to the "superior" job (I think
using a "JOBDEV" connection created using the JOB/BOJ pseudo-devices),
running an executable named "@", which looks for an executable (in the
DEVICE directory) that matches the user specified device, and runs

There are "assigned numbers" for mit-ml-dev over UDP and TCP
(ports 83 and 85)!

I did find this:

Which simulates the CH11 (unibus) Chaosnet interface (presumably for
the KS10 simulation) under KLH10 and encapsulates chaosnet traffic in

And mentions the magic file names involved!

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