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> On 03/02/2016 09:56 PM, Jason T wrote:

>> That would be the Illinois Institute of Technology and their "Remote
>> User Shared Hardware" time-sharing scheme on the IBM 360, circa July
>> 1967.  Check out the prices - even per-minute pricing on core!


> That'd be IITRI,  IIT's Research Institute, not IIT Proper (the school), 
> who used a 360/40 to run their student timesharing (remote ASR33 TTYs) 
> in a DOS/360 foreground partition implementing the IITRAN language. 
> IIRC, it was a 128K machine.  I don't recall what was on IITRI's 360/50. 

> Background was also available for student use via a 2501 card reader.

Wow.  I used that background partition!

When I took "Computer Math" (FORTRAN IV on a 1401) the latter half of my
senior year in high school, several of my friends from the Chess Club were
taking Saturday Extension courses in PL/1 and COBOL at IIT.  (They had
taken the FORTRAN class in the autumn semester.)

I read through the programmed instruction texts for both languages and did
all my FORTRAN assignments in all three; different friends allowed me to
piggyback on their funny money allocations so I could get my code run.

One of my friends was fascinated by IITRAN, too.


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