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Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Mar 3 12:14:49 CST 2016

    > From: Jay West

    > All the original slides I've ever seen for BA11-K boxes are the
    > "cantilever" slides, what allow you to tilt the unit up 90 degrees once
    > it is extended.

Right; there are actually two different types I've seen of those rotating
slides, and in both, the rotating mechanism is part of the 'inner' slide
(i.e. the part that bolts to the BA11 box). The older one (seen on BA11-D's,
too) uses a T-shaped pull to release the rotate lock; the newer has an
L-shaped release pull.

All three (the non-rotating, and both rotating 'inners') use _basically_ the
same 'outer' slide (i.e. the part that bolts to the rack); the outer-most
slide (the 'outer' actually contains two parts, an outer and a middle) is
about 3-1/2" wide. (There's an even wider 'outer' slide, but I forget what it
goes to.)

I said 'basically' since the three different versions do include various
interlocks to prevent pulling the unit out of the slides, and some of the
'outers', although they are the same size, are not actually compatible with
all the different 'inners', because their interlocks differ (although you
could probably mod one to fit another without too much work).

    > So were the slides typically sold with the RK05 also "cantilever/tilt"?

Not that I've ever seen.

    > Is that helpful for servicing an RK05 (never worked on one yet)?

Not that I can think of - there are a few components on the bottom (e.g. the
absolute filter), but most stuff is on the top. And the drive is so heavy,
with all the weight at one end, that I wouldn't want to rotate one anyway!

Although the BA11-K weighs a ton, too, and its weight is similarly
concentrated at one end. Which may be why they changed the rotating fixture;
the early one might not have been good at holding that much weight.


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