Random VGA question: 160x200 "high color" mode?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 23:37:32 CST 2016

On 3/2/16 9:00 AM, Christian Groessler wrote:
> On 03/02/16 04:30, Josh Dersch wrote:
>> Awhile back a "pre-alpha" version of the PC classic "DOOM" was 
>> unearthed (dated Feb 28, 1993), and it claims to support a "high 
>> color" VGA mode.  From the README.TXT:
>>         "Use High-color DAC (160 x200, but great color!)
>>         (Only newer VGA cards have this-if it looks OK, ya got it)
>>         (This may--okay, will--REALLY screw up the playscreen's
>>          graphics.  Just look at the neat colors and don't worry.)"
> Do you have a link to this version?
> regards,
> chris

It can be found here:


Interestingly, the Wiki has a link to an article discussing the "Sierra 
Hi-Color DAC" I didn't notice last time I visited.  It's from the early 
90s, and references the ET4000 specifically, I'll have to track one down 
and see if it works.  I used to have scads of these things but I've 
parted with a lot of my old PC gear...

- Josh

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