Recovery adventure - Re: Unidentified DEC gear available, NSW-AU

Pete Lancashire pete at
Wed Mar 2 20:08:58 CST 2016

If you (or anyone here) has never worked on a teleprinter (Teletype or
other make) please please please ask someone experienced. If not one can
and many time has happened is all plastic parts of which there are many in
a 32/33 and few in a 28/35/37 can be destroyed.

Having said that, if you end up with a 35, join the mailing list called
"greenkeys". Greenkeys is slang for teleprinter 'nuts' and the name
comes from the color of the keycaps in later Teletype machines.. And some
on the list can give good advice, some not so much. There are members who's
job was to service these beasts. I have had machines brought to me that
were basically destroyed and would have
been easy fixes if left alone before hand.

Please never turn one on unless they have been checked out.

Sorry to butt-in but hate to see them get messed up.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Christian Gauger-Cosgrove <
captainkirk359 at> wrote:

> On 2 March 2016 at 17:50,  <steven at> wrote:
> > The I/O for the machine was (I believe) an ASR-35 the bigger brother to
> the ASR-33. I couldn't take it, it was
> > wedged in behind the other racks and I had only a limited amount of time
> to load the equipment before I had to
> > head back interstate to home. I did not see any sign of the optional I/O
> Selectrics shown in the brochure, as I
> > would definately have liked to have found those if I could have! I don't
> think this machine had them, only the
> > ASR-35, as no printout I found appeared to be done by a Selectric.
> >
> You definitely want that 35ASR. They're absolute tanks, and you could
> probably bring it back up with a bit of oil and grease from its
> current state (I exaggerate somewhat).
> The Model 35 series of Teletypes just isn't as common as the Model 33
> machines (though I think the "rarest" 35 right now is either the 35KSR
> or 35RO; with the 35ASR being more common). They are definitely
> worthwhile to have, since their mechanism is more robust and sturdy
> than the mechanism of the Model 33, since the Model 35 is based on the
> older (5-bit) Model 28 mechanisms (extended to 8-bit).
> Cheers,
> Christian
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