Building up the 8E system, questions - advice - partsRequest

Jay West jwest at
Wed Mar 2 16:28:39 CST 2016

I restored my 8E cpu to running condition years ago, but never got around to
the rest of the rack. Mainly to reclaim floor space, I'm getting the
peripherals I always meant to go with that system into the dual rack and
wanted to ask a few questions...


Dual bay H967, items to go in are PDP-8E, PC04, TU56, RK05, and possibly an

Pictures at:



But the rack has two nice looking doors, example:

(the TU10 and TM11 is being traded off, so the left rack in that picture is
an empty one now but I still have both "doors").


I'd like to keep the two doors, but will not be able to fit all the devices
above in. May just hook up an "external" RX02 (I have one in a DEC
roll-around cart), or perhaps one would fit behind one of those mustard
colored doors, I dunno. Hate covering a nice peripheral up behind a door.
Might put everything in the left rack, get rid of the bottom door, and just
use standard filler panels. Current plan is cpu in right bay, pc04
underneath. Left bay would be TU56 & RK05 (and RX02 if I lose the door).
What would you all do for something that is as period-correct as possible?


I looked closely at the sloped panels at the top of each cabinet. It looks
like the yellow trim/logo is actually a plate that slides into the bezel.
The one on the right is just yellow, but has a white border screened on it.
The one on the left has no plate, so it's just "white". What is the chance
that anyone has one of those yellow plates, perhaps one that actually says
"DEC" on it? I'd be highly interested. Failing that, at least one that
matches the other (yellow with a white border). Anyone have one laying


I'd have never thought I could run out of official DEC slides, but it
appears that I have (at least for older DEC items). I need to rack the RK05
and the TU56. On the RK05 - does anyone have a spare set of slides or can I
definitely just use RL02 slides (which I have lots of)? I have the wide grey
inner slides on the RK05 but no outers and I noticed just one of the inner
slides has a gold L-catch release on it so I'm wondering if there's anything
special about RK05 slides. 


Thanks in advance!







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