Pdp-10 emulation

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 2 15:02:25 CST 2016

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> Martin Vazquez
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> Subject: Pdp-10 emulation
> Hi people¡ I've installed SIMH on my computer and I want to get around with
> the emulator for the pdp-10; it was a beautiful machine and the ancestor of
> the GNU project, so is quite charming.
> I have no idea on how to begin using it. Is the first time in my life that I get in
> touch with something related to old computing.
> I want to know where I can get software, TECO and adventure to mess
> around (because of the importance of both); and, very importantly, how to
> get this software running in the emulator.
> I've been searching about the software and it's quite easy to get.
> Hope my question doesn't bother people,
> thanks :)
> Tedd Vazquez.
> --
> Version: 3.1
> a?
> C++++>$
> UBLC(++++)>$ P+>+$ L++++>$ E+++>$ W+++>$ N+ !o K+++++ w---() !O !M
> !V
> PS++(+++) PE+++ Y+(++) PGP+(++) t+(++) !5 X+(++) R tv+ b++++>$
> DI++(+++)
> D+ G++ e* h* !r z?
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I can't remember how you install the OS, but the virtual tapes with software are here: http://pdp-10.trailing-edge.com/



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