PDP-10 programming [was RE: Dumb Terminal games (was Re: Looking for a small fast VAX development machine)]

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Wed Mar 2 13:04:16 CST 2016

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> I was one of the first outside people to get an account on LCM's Toad, but
> one day I found my account was gone, so I have been doing -20 work on SIMH
> since then.

 toad-2a at Living Computer Museum, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(110131)-1


PLEASE NOTE that closing a terminal window or program DOES NOT log
you off of the system.  You must use the LOGOUT or KILL command at
the @ prompt before ending the terminal program to log out.

@finger perry
ALANP    Alan Perry           ALANP not logged in
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No new mail, never read

[No plan]


Your account is right where you left it.  (OK, a year ago we migrated from
the Toad-1 to a Toad-2 to save wear and tear on the 20 year old SCSI disk,
but no accounts were lost.)

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