Mobile Web Site Technology to Revive Old Browers

william degnan billdegnan at
Wed Mar 2 14:39:06 CST 2016

I noticed today that web sites that are screen width responsive and device
independent are also "responsive" to really old browsers like Netscape 2.0
running on a Windows 3.11 box.  The whole push to make web sites mobile
friendly has had the unintended consequence of making Windows 3.11 web
browsing a little more practical than before.  The only issue I found is
with javascript, one has best results if turned off entirely.  Sites load
pretty quick as a lot of the overhead if not transmitted by the server,
perceiving the download is to a mobile or limited device.

If you get the chance and run an older browser on an older OS my site is a
pretty good example of a modern site design that works in Windows 3.11 /
Netscape or Alpha / Mosaic etc.


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