Random VGA question: 160x200 "high color" mode?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:30:27 CST 2016

Awhile back a "pre-alpha" version of the PC classic "DOOM" was unearthed 
(dated Feb 28, 1993), and it claims to support a "high color" VGA mode.  
>From the README.TXT:

         "Use High-color DAC (160 x200, but great color!)
         (Only newer VGA cards have this-if it looks OK, ya got it)
         (This may--okay, will--REALLY screw up the playscreen's
          graphics.  Just look at the neat colors and don't worry.)"

I've tried it on a number of machines (from the 386 era to a modern PC) 
and they all just end up showing garbage when this mode is enabled.  I 
cannot for the life of me find a reference to this mode existing 
anywhere, but I assume it must have worked on *some* SVGA chipset of the 
era since ID programmed in support for it.  I'm guessing it was cut 
because nothing else supported it (and because 160x200 must have looked 
awful, even with lots of colors...)

Does this odd video mode ring any bells with anyone out there?  Any idea 
what hardware to look for that might support it?  At this point I'm more 
curious about the actual hardware than getting this pre-alpha to run 
with it...

- Josh

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