FOCAL-65 for the 6502?

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Wed Jun 29 05:50:17 CDT 2016

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> +1 from here; I'm not aware of it being available elsewhere online :-<.
Thank you for making this generous offer!
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> Subject: FOCAL-65 for the 6502?
> Long ago there was a thread about FOCAL-65 for the 6502, and I asked the
people involved but it seemed it never came to light.
> As it happens I appear to have both the user-manual and a quite thick
photocopied (not great quality) listing of FOCAL-65, that I am happy to
scan and upload somewhere.
> However, if this already exists somewhere and can point to it, I can put
this scanning task aside.
> thanks.

I seem to remember an OSI version/docs.  I may have the docs for this if
anyone wants me to investigate...

Bill Degnan
twitter: billdeg

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