Dreamcast Un*ces was Re: DL11 configuration for pdp11gui

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Mon Jun 27 22:35:17 CDT 2016

> >>> [W]hat have you been using your Dreamcast for?
> >> Not much, yet.
> > I've been resurrecting the old Dreamcast Linux.  [...]
> Oh, I have NetBSD/dreamcast.  It boots and runs.  But it doesn't
> provide any glue to the rendering hardware, making it pretty useless
> (or, at best, irrelevant) for games.  And, since the thing has no disk
> of its own, it has to run diskless, or at best out of a ramdisk (the
> closest thing it has to a disk is the CD).

I don't know if the NetBSD disc does this (I need to burn one, one of these
days), but the Linux distro I have has a union filesystem overlaid on the
CD, a number of recompiled games and even X11R6. I think the games are
software rendering only, however.

That said, without swap it runs out of memory pretty quick. NFS swap is ...

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