PDP11GUI under Wine on Linux -- extra backslash?

Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Mon Jun 27 15:49:47 CDT 2016

Oh, the quoting in the error message also looks suspicious.  Hmm...

On 06/27/2016 01:47 PM, Fritz Mueller wrote:
> So, I am trying to run PDP11GUI under Wine on Linux, and I am having 
> problems loading a machine description file.  It seems when PDP11GUI 
> tries to kick off M4, it is expanding an extra backslash into the 
> command.  So you get this sort of error message (note extra backslash 
> before m4.bat):
> Can't recognize 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Joerg Hoppe\PDP11GUI\\m4.bat" 
> "C:\users\Public\Application Data\PDP11GUI\machines\pdp11.ini" 
> "C:\users\fritzm\Temp\tmp_pdp11gui_m4_out.ini' as an internal or 
> external command, or batch script.
> I've verified that I can run m4.bat sucessfully manually if I set the 
> appropriate env vars first.  But this doesn't help because it seems 
> like PDP11GUI deletes the file and then (fails to) regenerate it on 
> each run :-(
> Anybody else run in to this or have a suggestion for a workaround?
>     thanks much!
>       --FritzM.

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