DL11 configuration for pdp11gui

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Mon Jun 27 14:34:42 CDT 2016

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> >> Mostly PDP11GUI does not care, either 7b or 8b.
> > I'm kind of surprised to hear that; I assumed that PDP11GUI can
> > download binaries, and for that, 8-bit is kind of necessary?
> Depends on the protocol.  While it's not a PDP-11, my own Dreamcast
> serial-line code sends binaries over a serial line as hex.  It doubles
> the octet count sent (for the data - there's some other overhead too)
> but requiring nothing beyond plain text of the comm channel.

I have to ask, being a Sega fan, but what have you been using your Dreamcast

Andrew Burton
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk

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