CiTOH terminals (was Re: old friend is slimming down the warehouse)

Pete Lancashire pete at
Mon Jun 27 11:12:29 CDT 2016

Pity you don't go West as well, I'm in Portland Oregon but maybe
something could be worked out. When not in a rush I've been able to
arrange back seat/trunk shipments.

Sounds like the same. I was at company called Tektronix and I was the
one to introduce the CIT-101. We bought a
lot of DEC gear, and even shipped a product with a rebranded PDP11/40,
at one time were one of DEC's largest
buyers of PDP's. One would think that would get us a good discount.
One day the VT-101 started to die, at the
same time I needed some DL11W's, so I added the VT100 to the request
for quote. The discount on the VT
was something like $25, basically nothing. And then out of nowhere, I
get a letter from a friend who had gone
to work for a small contract engineering company and he tells me he's
been working on the firmware for VT100
clone. Anyway not long after that I had a loaner from C Itoh, and
arranged a demo. I requested a quote for 25
CIT-101's and can't remember but damn close to 1/2 of what DEC was
charging for theirs. When DEC found out they
were not very happy.

BTW Technical Magic was formed to make Video Games.

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 7:55 AM, Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 11:06 PM, Pete Lancashire
> <pete at> wrote:
>> Rather have a C Itoh CT-101e ..
> I can probably help with that.  I'm in Ohio and I get out to Chicago
> and NJ a couple of times a year.  I have a cabinet of CiTOH terminals
> I bought from my employer "some years ago".  ;-)  We used an
> assortment of DEC VT10x, VT220, CiTOH 101 and CiTOH 101e terminals.
> ISTR the CiTOHs were as much as $800 cheaper than DEC terminals at the
> time.  They were robust and at one point, I pulled out of the manuals
> the magic escape sequence to "switch sessions" and use the local
> printer port as a second comms line (we just had to bang out a custom
> DB25 adapter since the entire company was standardized on Nevada
> Western 6p6c modular serial and we didn't have a box of the right
> adapters for the printer port).   It was awesome having two live lines
> in front of our usual switchbox setup for connecting to multiple
> hosts.
>> ... knew one of the developers
> Neat!
>> F/W was done in the US I can no longer remember the key combination but the
>> terminal would let you know who did it
> That would be fun to look up.
>> Anyone wants to gain a cubic foot or two let me know
> You got it!
> -ethan

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