ACARD ARS-2000SUP versus SCSI2SD - round 1

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Fri Jun 24 20:52:34 CDT 2016

Tested using "Raw block speed" test in LIDO 7 under MacOS:

[SCSI2SD v5]
  READ: 891 KB/s 
 WRITE: 728 KB/s 


  READ: 1621 KB/s
 WRITE: 1277 KB/s

More info:

The ACARD device contains a Samsung 850 Pro 128G SSD. The SCSI2SD contains 
a Samsung Pro+ 64GB micro SD and is running firmware v4.6, IIRC. Both are 
were attached to a Quadra 700 Macintosh running System 8.1 with 68 megs of 
RAM (4 onboard + 64MB in 16MB SIMMS, the max on the Quadra 700). I had 
them hooked up at the same time so I could use one to partition the other. 
The hard disk "driver" was the one provided by LIDO, but I also tried 
LaCie SilverLining 5's driver as well, but the performace was slightly 
worse. I tested in LIDO using it's raw speed test feature. It's probably 
only a rough measure of sequential speed. I just tested three times and 
averaged the results, but it was within just a few KB/s each time.

Once I'm done I'll hook both of these up to a FreeBSD box, dd off full 
backups, then start over again and try with ZFS under FreeBSD via a PCI 
SCSI controller. Then again under IRIX if I still have the energy. I'll 
give some results from 'fio' or 'iozone' under FreeBSD. Those will be a 
lot more detailed and break down sequential versus random results and show 
the results of various other permutations.

I'd also like to test the SCSI2SD v6, but I can't get my hands on one, 
yet. The only place that talks about the v6 is the codesrc wiki and the 
American ebay retailer seems to only have the v5.0. I'll wait, I guess.


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