Current source for RX50 media?

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Fri Jun 24 15:54:33 CDT 2016


1) I replaced a few RD52's with RD53's. I probably have some RD52's laying around if he wants to go that route.

2) It's been too long so I don't remember, but don't you use normal pc floppies (5.25) and PUTR can format them?

3) Starting with RT11 is great. Adding TSX+ on top of that is Muy Bueno :)


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Hi, All,

A friend of mine who is mostly into Sun equipment recently purchased a
MicroPDP-11 from a State auction.  He knows little about DEC gear, but I can help him there.  His machine had the RD5X drives pulled by the State, but still has an RX50.  Where can I point him to get a handful of RX50 floppies?  I can help him with contents to put on them, but he needs media.

He's likely to start with RT-11.  He could probably use 10-20 floppies to start.



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